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WKD direct and advanced are set up on/for the domain.

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OpenAlias records are set for the domain.

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I don't use all the accounts listed on the PGP pubkey regularly. The preferred methods of contacting me are the ones that are listed here, IRC, email and XMPP (The order is not significant).

Proofs that are expected to fail:

PGP Key:

PGP FP: 9E20464F1CCF3B103249FA93A6A0F5158B3881DF
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I manually upload the PGP key to and as well.
The PGP key you get from Codeberg will be a bit different since Codeberg requires you to sign a random string first before verifying your PGP public key.

I try to keep the key updated but due to keyoxide shenanigans, from time to time, the key might be missing some packets.


SSH FP: SHA256:tyuaTy005jkJOIPXkrJAAlCKD91d1ftEXzGTqjmEZh4
github -
gitlab -
codeberg -

PGP key:

PGP FP: FB3E38C3D7C6C07C66A4E3AD4041446A786EBAB4
I manually upload the PGP key to and as well.

PGP key:

PGP FP: 1501CFE6C731BA61BE6BC065F4241FB7ACBB40E1
I manually upload the PGP key to and as well.

PGP key:

PGP FP: 3ba4099f7fa54321f2c8529b546d1c2bd3b3f32a
Or you can download directly from proton:


Libera.Chat: terminaldweller FP: FEF763019F0799C1B5CD190FC89080240665CDCAE1CB889D4413775447A4826F48B18DC134D3ACDDE1D932CF3280E6026099857CF46177F1D87CD9AA859C615F
OFTC: terminaldweller FP: 1072EFECA623C6E3D7A6628BEB6021F77EA2C876
rizon: terminaldweller FP: 1072EFECA623C6E3D7A6628BEB6021F77EA2C876 terminaldweller FP: 1072EFECA623C6E3D7A6628BEB6021F77EA2C876
BonoboNET: terminaldweller FP: 5e3bd8ab6f8c6f6a614d4b2245fd6b5737a6e59917c6719de62b55bac77b978c
hackint: terminaldweller FP: 5e3bd8ab6f8c6f6a614d4b2245fd6b5737a6e59917c6719de62b55bac77b978c
You can also find me on Libera, OFTC and Rizon in ##terminaldweller.


Libera.Chat: OTR FP: 7C919CDF 8E5E6546 0FC2F670 7F51458C 458AE9BE | 7C919CDF8E5E65460FC2F6707F51458C458AE9BE
OFTC: OTR FP: AEA731CA F51E6AA8 72AB5123 AE8A90EA B823AB2C | AEA731CAF51E6AA872AB5123AE8A90EAB823AB2C
rizon: OTR FP: 957129CA 0FB85F8E 5703AF0D 12313BBB 3BF8822B | 957129CA0FB85F8E5703AF0D12313BBB3BF8822B OTR FP: 8C220E07 A3D5E103 B57B68CE 40B7D6F9 1A631A75 | 8C220E07A3D5E103B57B68CE40B7D6F91A631A75
BonoboNET: OTR FP: B6C3FF85 0C2DA87F FE451366 0CDE443E DB8EED0C | B6C3FF850C2DA87FFE4513660CDE443EDB8EED0C
hackint: OTR FP: 255C19B2 B3D34328 E0C9FD80 62A841B4 416B55AC | 255C19B2B3D34328E0C9FD8062A841B4416B55AC



(the order is significant)

All emails have the ssh and pgp key fingerprints as signature. You can ask for one.
For emails, I have adopted a "polite" policy. I sign all emails, unless I receive an encrypted email in which case, I will also encrypt the response.

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I'm using webfinger for the matrix ID. My actual matrix ID is - -

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I'm using webfinger for the pleroma ID. My actual pleroma ID is - -

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Public Key: hex:00000002e2b8fa65ed2fd15ab394243497d7c443c9eea5bea08d66db75f91eb1 bech32:npub1qqqqqqhzhraxtmf069dt89pyxjta03zre8h2t04q34ndka0er6cs94ucud
Nprofile: nprofile1qqsqqqqqqt3t37n9a5hazk4njsjrf97hc3punm49h6sg6ekmwhu3avgpzamhxue69uhkummnw3ezuer9dpjkjm3wdaexwtch70zsa
Payed relay: wss://


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Because it's easier to remember a picture with colors than a long random-looking string.

Privacy Policy

I keep IP logs. If that is of concern to you, please use this website over the anonymizing networks it is available on (Tor,I2P).


This here list is not exhaustive. go figure, huh?


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The services will be eventually hosted on other overlay/mesh networks as well.

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